Heating Repair Or Replacement?

The HVAC system of your home is essential to keep you comfortable. You can adjust the temperature inside your home to whatever suits you best. Winters are especially hard on the HVAC systems installed in homes. This season is known to have the most HVAC repairs.

Some homeowners are probably stuck in the conundrum, “Do I replace the heating or just get it fixed?”

Our experts will help you make the right decision.

When are repairs needed?

The majority of issues with your central heating system can be fixed, provided it is under 10 years old. Make sure you get a certified HVAC professional to do the job. Small repairs are often cheap to get fixed.

Air duct leaks

Leaks in the air duct system tend to cause inadequate heating in your home. Your central heating works inefficiently if there is air escaping. HVAC professionals are specially trained to inspect duct systems and locate air leaks. Once found, they seal these leaks with caulk, sealant or other materials.

Broken thermostat

Malfunctioning thermostats can cause the central heating to break down. Often thermostats break and they can no longer regulate the heat in the house, making it too hot or too cold. Thermostats can easily be replaced; you can also upgrade your thermostat system to a programmable or smart one. Such devices are more convenient for homeowners. They are known to be energy efficient.

High heating costs

When your heating costs are higher than usual, it should ring alarm bells. High heating costs are directly linked to an inefficient heating system. There’s always a reason behind increased heating bills. Air duct leaks, clogged air filters, a clogged system, and inefficient temperature setting can all contribute to higher bills.

When is a replacement needed?

There will be times when repairs are no longer feasible. Here are the instances under which you need to consider a replacement:

Costly and frequent repairs

If your central heating is breaking down regularly, it’s not a good sign. If the repairs are costing you more than half the cost of a new system, you’re better off with a new heating unit.

An outdated system is installed in your home

Older technology is known to be less energy efficient. Older appliances are known to use up more energy which is heavy on your pocket as well as being damaging to the environment. Take advantage of the latest technology with a new heating unit. They are much more convenient to use while costing you less in the long-run.

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