Is Your Furnace Tripping The Fuse Regularly?

HVAC fuse trips and power shut downs prevent electrical damages and fires. It’s a preventative measure that essentially protects your house from electrical accidents. But frequent tripping and the consequent blackouts can quickly become frustrating.

If your home’s furnace heating system is having power breakdowns, call a professional repair service to address the problem.

Here are a few reasons why your furnace may be tripping the fuse.

What Causes A Furnace To Trip A Breaker?

Circuit Overload

If your furnace is working overtime, it’s likely that excessive current is passing through the wires. When there’s a greater load than the circuit breaker is intended to carry, the furnace will malfunction and cause the fuse to trip.

Your HVAC system is connected to a dedicated circuit that regulates the flow of power. If the furnace faces fuse problems, it needs to be checked for electrical faults.

Common problems with a furnace that can lead to overloading are as follows:

Dirty Air-Filter – The dirt and grime collected on the vents close off the air supply and causes the furnace to suffocate.

Blocked Air Vents – If an obstruction is restricting air supply, the furnace will work overtime by trying to blow air into your homes.

Restricted Ductwork – The ducts used to deliver and remove air may restrict air supply if they are crushed, twisted or kinked.

Malfunctioning Part – A faulty or broken furnace part can make it pull more electrical current.

Clean your vents and remove any obstructions (furniture, curtains) that might block the air flow. Change the air filter and if the furnace issue persists, contact a heating repair company.

Shot Circuit

A short circuit is an indication of something going wrong with the electrical wires and the components.

If the furnace wire gets wet or comes into contact with a foreign object, it can be damaged and it may lead to fuse problems.

If the furnace trips the power breaker as soon as it is switched on, check for faults. Don’t attempt to solve the issue yourself. Call a professional technician for repairs.

Loose Wire

The furnace wires inside might come loose as a result of the vibrations from a working furnace. These loose wires can cause the furnace to malfunction and trip the power fuse. Keep your HVAC maintenance and inspection up-to-date to prevent such incidents.

Circuit Breaker Problems

After checking the furnace for problems, take a look at the circuit breaker. The problem might lie with the electrical panel as the connections and wires might’ve come loose.

Start by tightening the electrical connections. Then, replace the circuit breaker with a new one or replace the distribution panel.

One Stop Solution

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