Improper Air Conditioner Installation: How It Can Take a Toll on Your Pocket

Enjoying maximum benefits of a newly bought and installed air conditioning unit in your Palm Bay, Florida home has much more to do with than just purchasing the highest-rating equipment. Proper installation is mandatory to avoid disappointing circumstances during hot and humid days.


Improper air conditioner installation reduces the AC performance and increases the energy bills. So, if you’re thinking of a DIY air conditioner installation, this blog is just for you.


Here we’ve compiled common problems that can put a dent in your wallet if an air conditioner is installed improperly.


1. Impaired Performance and Cooling Efficiency

A major problem that people experience when they attempt DIY air conditioner installation is poor performance and reduced cooling efficiency, despite buying a high-rating air conditioning unit.


If you install a large system, it will perform shorter compressor cycles, resulting in uneven cooling. On the other hand, if you install an undersized system, it will operate continuously without meeting the home comfort requirements. Both cases will surge your energy bills.


If you hire an HVAC technician, they will assess your home and recommend the correct unit size for installation.


2. Decreased Lifespan

Buying a new air conditioner is a significant investment. You need to ensure it lasts for a long time. But if it’s incorrectly installed, it will have to strain harder to cool the home.


The more your AC has to exert itself to cool a room, the sooner it will depreciate and wear out its parts, decreasing its lifespan. Additionally, you’ll have to spend significantly on its repair and maintenance services, increasing your expenses.


3. Higher Energy Consumption

No matter how energy-efficient your AC unit is, if it isn’t installed or positioned properly, you won’t be able to enjoy the expected energy savings. Moreover, if the system is oversized or undersized, it will consume more energy to function efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills.


Thus, you’ll need a replacement as soon as the system is overburdened.


4. Risks of Injury

Finally, when you don’t hire professional technicians to install the AC and do it yourself, you increase the risks of injuring, including falls from ladders, electrocution, and fire hazards. Therefore, safety is also an important reason to opt for the professional installation of an air conditioner.


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