6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling Rooms Evenly

Has your AC been unable to cool rooms evenly? If you said ‘YES,’ you’re not alone!


Air conditioner performance issues are daunting and frustrating, especially if they occur in summer.

However, if you get your AC regularly serviced and inspected by professional technicians, you may not encounter such problems.


In this blog, we’ve compiled some reasons why your air conditioning unit doesn’t cool your rooms evenly!


1. Dirty AC Filters

The most frequent reason for air conditioners not cooling evenly are dirty or clogged AC filters. This happens when the air filters remain unclean or dirty, causing a blockage in the path of warm and cool air through the air ducts.


It also disturbs the thermostat’s settings and could frost the indoor coils, preventing the cold air from passing through the AC into the room. Therefore, it’s advisable to get your air conditioners regularly inspected by expert AC technicians.


2. Malfunctioning Fan Motor

An AC fan motor is responsible for releasing warm air from your home into the atmosphere. Therefore, when it malfunctions, the heat isn’t released and interferes with the indoor cooling unit, reducing the cooling efficiency.


3. Leaking Air Ducts and Refrigerants

The refrigerants present inside the indoor air conditioner unit play a vital role in drawing warm air into the AC and cooling it down. Thus, if your AC doesn’t cool efficiently and its filters are also clean, there may be potential leaks in your system.


The ductwork that should be air-tight might carry some cracks that allow the refrigerants to leak, worsening the AC’s cooling efficiency.


4. Faulty Air Compressor

An air compressor is the lifeline of an AC because it’s responsible for managing the air ventilation between the evaporator and the condenser. So, if it’s faulty or out-of-order, the air conditioning unit won’t cool the rooms evenly.


5. Unclean Outdoor Unit

In addition to cleaning your AC filters, it’s also essential to clean the outdoor unit to prevent it from dirt and dust accumulation. It’s because the AC’s evaporator and condenser are present in the outdoor unit.

If they’re dirty, warm air won’t pass through them properly, retaining the heat and impacting the cooling efficiency.


6. Older, Aging Air Conditioners

Finally, if you recently got your air conditioning unit serviced, yet it doesn’t cool your rooms evenly, it’s a warning sign that your AC has lived its life. An older AC has a lower cooling capacity and ventilation capability, so it may not cool your rooms evenly. Get in touch with an expert AC technician to know more about your air conditioning unit’s health.


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