Top Signs to Look out For to Know If Your Heating System Needs Maintenance

There are a few things worse than having your heating system break down on the frostiest winter night. The chill creeping down to your very bones sounds like a nightmare. Most of us forget about our heating units until winter is finally upon us.

But, neglecting your heating system can have disastrous consequences. Not only will it break down more often, its life expectancy will also get decreased. If there’s something wrong with the heating system, it will generally start giving out warning signs which mean it’s time for a checkup.

Look out for these tell-tale signs that mean your heating unit is in need of service or a replacement.

Strange Sounds

The most obvious sign that your heating unit is sending out distress signals is when it starts making unusual noises. If you hear any sort of banging, clanging, rattling, or perhaps a metallic scraping sound, there could be trouble brewing within. If the system is emitting unusually loud noises, shut it down and don’t use it until after further professional inspection.

Inconsistent Temperature

If some rooms in the house feel frosty while others are stifling hot, then the heating unit is distributing heat unevenly throughout the house. Uneven heating can mean many things; it could either be blocked vents obstructing proper airflow, dirty air filters, or faulty ductwork. If there is an unbalanced distribution of heat, the system needs checking.

Energy Bill Spikes

Have you noticed a gradual spike in your energy bills even though you use the heating unit very sparingly? A faulty system may be at fault. A malfunctioning or old heating unit will work harder in order to push through more heat which will result in a significant increase in the bills.

Not Enough Heat

Do you have the thermostat cranked all the way up but the house is still not warm enough? Your heating system may be experiencing a loss of efficiency. First make sure that there is enough electricity supply to the unit and that the circuit breakers are working fine. If the system still isn’t supplying heat properly, time to call in HVAC professionals.

Age of the Heating System

The lifespan of a heating system is 15-25 years (with annual maintenance) on an average. As the heating unit ages, its efficiency and functioning quality gradually starts to decline. There’s a likely chance it will need more and more maintenance repairs and will drive up high energy bills. If your heating system has crosses its life limit, it is more cost-effective to get it replaced altogether.

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