Why Keeping Your House Dirt-Free is Important for Your Air Conditioning Unit

A cool and comfortable home is a necessity during the hot and humid days in Florida. Fortunately, air conditioners are there to provide us with a relieving and soothing environment in our homes.


Air conditioners are a significant investment in our homes. If we take proper measures, we can reduce the likelihood of frustrating events. Keeping your home dirt-free is one such measure to prevent your ACs from malfunctioning in the summers.


If you’re concerned about how dirt affects your air conditioning unit, then this blog is for you. Here, we’ve compiled four ways dirt affects your air conditioning unit.


It Blocks the Indoor Air Unit

An air conditioner consists of two primary indoor components, an indoor coil with refrigerants and a blower fan. The blower fan is responsible for drawing in your home’s warm air and pass it through the coils and refrigerants to cool down.


Therefore, if your home is dirty and dusty, the blower fan will suck the debris and dust inside the AC unit, causing issues in the blower fan. If the AC’s motor fan malfunctions, you may experience a decrease in the cooling unit’s efficiency and unusual noises.


It Clogs Air Conditioning Filters

An air conditioning unit consists of filters that prevent dust from entering inside the indoor AC components. Additionally, they also stop allergens from accumulating inside the ACs.


But if your home is dirty and a lot of dust piles up on the furniture pieces, it can clog the AC filters, causing the AC to malfunction. Thus, clean AC filters and a dirt-free home environment play a crucial role in the well-functioning of an air conditioning unit.


Dirt in the Air Ducts Contaminate the Environment

Keeping your house dirt-free is also essential to improve indoor air quality. If your home contains a high amount of dirt and dust, it will surely clog the air ducts. Once dust penetrates the insides of the air ducts, they pollute the indoor air with dust allergens continuously through its ventilation process. These allergens pose serious health threats to homeowners.


Moreover, it reduces the fan speed of the air vent. Make sure to keep your homes dirt-free in the summers to enjoy an efficient air conditioning unit.


Watch Out for Dirt on the Outside Coil

You shouldn’t just keep your home interior dirt-free but try your best to clean the home exterior, as well, because the outside coil responsible for releasing your home heat may malfunction if debris interferes in its process.


If heat isn’t properly released in the environment, your AC may not correctly perform its cooling function.

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