Air Conditioning Odors And What They Mean

Often, homeowners complain of weird odors coming from their air conditioning units, especially after a dormant season. Spring is generally the season we begin to receive such complaints. While experiencing a dusty smell after switching your air conditioner back on after winter is normal, we also get complaints of more pungent odors that makes living indoors difficult.


Here are some air conditioner smells that require a professional inspection:


Dirty socks

The odor of dirty socks is one of the most unpleasant smells. Imagine having that smell fill your entire home. Your air conditioner’s condenser is to blame for this odor. Condenser coils are susceptible to bacterial growth that over time builds up and begins to smell like dirty socks. This mildew smell can be dealt with by a professional who will clean and sanitize the area. Blowing such air into the home reduces the indoor air quality significantly.


A burning smell

When you smell something burning inside your house, you check all the electrical appliances and wiring to ensure there’s no short circuit, but what about your air conditioner? Immediately turn off your HVAC system and call the fire department when you experience this odor. Make everyone leaves the house and only goes back in once it is safe to do so and the fire department has checked everything.


Call an HVAC professional and have them check the system since a burning smell can indicate a number of issues: the wiring could have frayed, the motor overheated, or some other mechanical issue might have occurred that caused the short circuit.


Exhaust fumes

The odor of exhaust fumes can begin to develop indoors due to your air conditioner. This is an indication of the fluid in the air conditioner leaking onto the motor of the system. This fluid heats up as a result and causes the odor. Call an HVAC professional to inspect your system and fix the leak.


Mold or mildew

Another common complaint by clients in the area is a moldy odor in their homes. One of the main functions of an air conditioner is to remove humidity from the air so that there’s no excess moisture. As a result, moisture can collect in the air conditioner which fosters microbial growth. This builds up and has serious health implications. Make sure you never ignore this air conditioning issue as it can result in respiratory diseases.


Do you feel like your air conditioner is letting out one of these odors? Don’t hesitate to call us up. We provide air conditioner repairs, maintenance, and installation services in Melbourne, FL. Call (321) 951-8767 too book an appointment with us.

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