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5 Tips to Reduce Your HVAC Bill This Summer

As you fight to keep your home fresh amidst the rising temperature, your power bills can also significantly increase. As much as you enjoy the indoor comfort provided by your air conditioner, your energy consumption can increase your frustration.   With the following tricks and techniques, you can keep your power bills in check and […]

Monthly HVAC Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to comfort, especially during the Florida summer, residents know how important their HVAC system is. With temperatures rising from June to August, your reliance on air conditioning increases as well.   Our experts understand that an HVAC system is an expensive investment and therefore want to help increase its lifespan with maintenance […]

Air Conditioning Odors And What They Mean

Often, homeowners complain of weird odors coming from their air conditioning units, especially after a dormant season. Spring is generally the season we begin to receive such complaints. While experiencing a dusty smell after switching your air conditioner back on after winter is normal, we also get complaints of more pungent odors that makes living […]

4 Most Common Causes of Air Conditioner Compressor Failure

An air compressor is a vital part of an air conditioning unit responsible for thoroughly passing the refrigerant gases via air ducts. They’re highly durable and last for about 15–20 years before needing replacement.   However, the AC needs regular maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of the compressor. Just as we need air conditioners […]

Improper Air Conditioner Installation: How It Can Take a Toll on Your Pocket

Enjoying maximum benefits of a newly bought and installed air conditioning unit in your Palm Bay, Florida home has much more to do with than just purchasing the highest-rating equipment. Proper installation is mandatory to avoid disappointing circumstances during hot and humid days.   Improper air conditioner installation reduces the AC performance and increases the […]

6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling Rooms Evenly

Has your AC been unable to cool rooms evenly? If you said ‘YES,’ you’re not alone!   Air conditioner performance issues are daunting and frustrating, especially if they occur in summer. However, if you get your AC regularly serviced and inspected by professional technicians, you may not encounter such problems.   In this blog, we’ve […]

Why Keeping Your House Dirt-Free is Important for Your Air Conditioning Unit

A cool and comfortable home is a necessity during the hot and humid days in Florida. Fortunately, air conditioners are there to provide us with a relieving and soothing environment in our homes.   Air conditioners are a significant investment in our homes. If we take proper measures, we can reduce the likelihood of frustrating […]