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How to Boost Your Home’s Value With HVAC Upgrades

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies found that home owners are spending large sums of money on home renovation projects each year, however, the return on investment isn’t as much. The ROI is crucial when you’re investing in home improvement projects with the aim of selling your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling […]

Buying a New Home? Keep This Checklist in Mind Before Closing the Deal

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. As a home seeker, who doesn’t want an upgrade? But it’s also a stressful experience since most homes tend to require home improvement projects that are time-consuming and you can’t enjoy your home from the get-go.   However, when viewing homes, if you check certain important features […]

Air Balancing: 4 Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Home

Optimum temperature regulation is essential for you to be comfortable at home. However, in certain circumstances, hot and cold spots tend to develop in a home. Ignoring this issue will only lead to you paying more in electricity costs, which is already the largest proportion of your monthly utility bills. It will also reduce the […]

HVAC Emergency: Identifying the Severity of an Air Conditioning Issue

Florida summers are known to be scorching. Temperatures can reach 99°F on some days too. Residents are therefore, highly dependent on their air conditioning systems throughout the summer months.   With the air conditioning running for extended periods of time, it’s possible for breakdowns to happen. Getting to the bottom of the issue is essential to […]

The Different Components of an Air Conditioner and Their Uses

Now that winter is finally over, your dependence on your air conditioner will increase. To avoid major breakdowns during the spring and summer, understanding the system and its components is crucial.   Refrigerant The refrigerant is the liquid that allows the whole system to work. It moves through the system at warm and cool temperatures […]

What to Do If Your AC Breaks Down Unexpectedly?

Now that the temperatures are increasing in Florida, your dependence on air conditioning is bound to increase, especially since everyone is instructed to be indoors due to the current situation in the world. An air conditioner breakdown at this point is the last thing you’re probably expecting. However, if it does happen, here are a few […]

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

Like any other appliance installed or in use in your home, air conditioners require maintenance and care to deliver optimal performance. Air conditioners that haven’t been kept in great condition fail to provide the required level of cooling while still keeping costs to a minimum.   To ensure your home is prepared for the summer […]

5 Spring/Summer Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

Spring is here and the temperatures are steadily increasing in Florida, which means your air conditioning system will be running continuously, especially with the current lockdown in major cities and towns. Families have been advised to stay indoors at all times.   To ensure that your air conditioning works smoothly during this difficult time, here are a […]